Share Our Information on Facebook!

Many of our friends maintain blogs and have been kind enough to mention their appreciation of our services to adoptive and birth families on their blogs. We know that others are active on Facebook and might want to let their friends know about us as well. To make this process easier, we have added a “Share on Facebook” link to the right side of this page.

The process is simple. If you have a Facebook account, just click the link and a message will be posted to your “wall”. You will have an opportunity to add your own comment to the posting before it goes up.

If you have a Facebook account, you can help us and stay in touch with what we are doing by joining our “Friends of Family to Family” group on Facebook!

This is a very easy way to let your friends know about what you are doing, and to tell them about our services if they have any need for them. We appreciate all the support and kind words that we receive from our many happy clients, both parents of newly adopted children and birth families who have successfully placed children in loving homes.

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