New opportunity for our Friends

We have just affiliated with a service that allows users to earn money while looking at ads. This service also allows our friends to donate the money they earn directly to us at Family to Family to support our programs and services.

The concept is simple! Advertisers will pay to get information about you so that they can direct their ads to people who are more likely to be interested in them. With this feature, you tell them about yourself and what you are interested in, so that advertisers who are interested in people like you can send you their ads. The big difference here is that instead of paying people who have collected information about you, the advertisers will pay you!

Another nice element of this feature is that you have the option of donating some or all of the money they will pay you to Family to Family to support our programs and services.

The process is easy, just click on the button in the box above to “Sign Up”. When you get there, create a user name and password. Then you will be taken to a screen where you can enter information about yourself. Then you can begin getting ads targeted to you, and begin collecting money from the advertisers!

For a fuller description of how the whole thing works (it really is pretty easy!!), go to the YouData website and watch their video.

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