Hurricane Ike

As many of you know, we are located just southwest of Houston, Texas and if you have watched the news in the last few days, you know that our area has experienced a horrific hurricane. Thankfully, all of the Family to Family staff and their families are safe and healthy, but many of our friends and families throughout the Texas Gulf Coast remain in jeopardy because of the problems associated with this storm.
Ike took a very late turn to the East and that spared Fort Bend County,where Family to Family is located from the worst of the storm. The Northeastern Quadrant of a hurricane is the most dangerous part of the storm system. We were west of the actual landfall which gave us just a little less impact that had been forecast for our area.
We want to express our sympathy to those Texans and Louisianans who are still without power and water. To those individuals who defied the government’s call for mandatory evacuation and whose fate is still unknown today, the staff at Family to Family praying for your safety.

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