Open Adoption

At Family to Family we tailor the openness of the adoption to the wishes of the biological parents and the adoptive parents.  We offer open or semi-open adoptions. Semi-open adoptions are where the birth parents and the adoptive parents will meet and/or talk on the phone before they decide to match. In most cases, after the match has occurred the birth parents and the adopting couple will stay in contact until the birth of the baby.  After placement, a semi-open adoption agreement means that the adoptive parents will send pictures and letters of update every three months for the first year and then twice a year until the child is 18 years old. We also encourage our birth parents to send letters to their child that can be passed on to the adoptive family and given to the child at an age appropriate time. The exchange of pictures and letters will more than likely be done through the agency.

In both a semi-open and open adoption you meet the family, exchange non-identifying information and contact each other through our agency with letters and pictures of yourself, your children, the adoptive family, the adopted child, and any future children you might have. We consider the adoption to be ‘open’ when you and the adoptive family have exchanged identifying information such as last names, home addresses and have decided to contact each other direct, not through the agency.

Rarely, we have a birth family request a closed adoption. This means that the agency chooses the family, the birth family and the adoptive family do not meet, and there are no updates after placement. This type of adoption can only be completed at the request of the birthmother.

Our agency encourages a semi-open adoption between the biological family and the adoptive family. The majority of our adoptions have been semi-open adoptions. For more information about this, visit the article on our website on Open Adoption or please contact our office.