Adoption in the 21st Century

Thankfully, creating your family through adoption is now a fully accepted practice in our society.  But, birth mothers who place their child for adoption may still have some reservations about their child’s full acceptance in the adoptive family.  The best way to prevent a biological parent from having to worry about the decision and sacrifice she made for her child is to contact the biological family as you agreed.

Birth parents in the 21st Century expect to be able to see the child they placed for adoption grow up through a variety of ways.  There is always the tried and true method of contacting each other through the agency or attorney if they offer that on-going service, but in the 21st Century, there are many, many other choices.  Social media has revolutionized the ability of birth parents and adoptive parents to share news and pictures of the child they both love.  Family websites can be password protected so that only people who should have access, have the access.  Twitter and Facebook offer almost instantaneous communication.

It is very important for both the adoptive family and the birth family to be able to share photos and information about the child that they both love.

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