Meeting Birth Mothers

Meeting some of the birth mothers here at Family to Family Adoptions has been a very unique experience. Many of these women have fallen into hard times and are simply looking for someone to help lift the weight of their burdens off of their shoulders. It has been hard to meet these women who remind me so much of some of my loved ones.

As a social worker, and as a compassionate human being, I want to be able to fix any problems that they may have, but of course that is not a possibility. In the end all the agency can do is offer the resources at their disposal and hope that it will be enough to truly help these courageous women.

Birth Mother Support Provided

In my opinion, Family to Family Adoptions goes above and beyond to give the birth mothers as much help as possible as they go through the emotional journey of giving life to someone who will ultimately leave their care and grow up separate from them. As part of the adoption plan the adoptive families pay for the birth mother’s (and any other children she has) to have their basic needs met. Their rent, food, phone, and basic living expenses are paid for up to 6 weeks after the birth of the child.

The birth mothers usually qualify for Medicaid and the agency provides transportation to and from appointments. In addition, the agency also offers paid counseling services if they need them. One of my favorite options that the birth mothers are given is the option to use the Family to Family educational fund which gives birth parents the opportunity to go back to school! Family to Family has even assisted a birth mom through law school by providing her with grants, which I think is incredible.

Although some people may look at the birth mothers that come in and label them, Family to Family knows better. Even though I have only been here for a short amount of time I have already witnessed how brave the birth mothers are. Most of them are sad to see the children that they gave birth to leave, but they put on their brave face and do what they need to do in order to give the child the best life they possibly can, even if it’s not with them. These women are truly heroes. The act of placing their baby is one of love and sacrifice and it has been an honor meeting them.

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