Birthmother Healing

Placing your child for adoption is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. This is your first ‘parenting decision’ for your child: finding a wonderful family for him. After placement you may have feelings of grief and loss or guilt.  An article on our website, Grief and Loss in Open Adoption, shows some of the various stages that a mother goes through after placement.  At Family to Family we know and understand that. It has been our experience that the more open the adoption is, the better for all concerned including the birth mother.

According to recent studies, the key to a mother’s satisfaction with her placement is the relationship built between her and the adoptive family before and after placement.  There are several different types of adoptions and the mother and the adoptive family will decide on the best one for them.  At Family to Family you and the adoptive family will sign an agreement to that effect. The majority of adoptive families want to show the birth mother pictures and give her letters of update about how well the baby is doing. Good counseling and the opportunity to develop a real relationship is the key to making sure the biological mother, the child and the adoptive family have a successful and healthy adoption.