Birth Family Process

The Birth Family Process


Thank you for choosing Family to Family as the agency through which you will place your child for adoption.  We want you to know that we are dedicated to helping all members of the triad, but especially our birth mothers to understand and be proud of the love and devotion expressed through this gift of love to your child.

Family to Family is very experienced in working with young women like yourself during a crisis created by an unplanned pregnancy.  We have helped hundreds of women in your position to lovingly place their child with the family of their choice in an open adoption setting designed to foster a real relationship with the adoptive family.

At Family to Family you are considered a hero by all standards and we understand you deserve respect and to be treated with dignity during this time in your life.  Through counseling with one of our social workers, you will understand the sacrifice you are making because of the love of your child is the most wonderful gift you can give him when you know that you are unable to take care of him in the manner that you know your child deserves.  We understand that and try to empower you to take the time to develop a workable adoption plan based on your individual needs.

Family to Family will not match you with an adoptive family immediately.  We want to get to know you a little bit first and to try to develop a level of trust between us so that we might better understand your individual needs.  You are an individual with unique strengths and requirements and you deserve a thorough assessment and to be able to develop an individual adoption plan based on that information.

You have the opportunity to meet with the adoptive family and develop a relationship with them long before the actual placement.  We offer on-going contacts with the family through pictures and letters of update distributed by our office.  You are free to live your life, just keep up with us so we can send you the communications from your adoptive parents.

Family to Family also wants to make sure this is the last child you place as a result of being unprepared.  We offer an Educational Grant for yourself and the birth father to help you with college or job training.

Please read Common Questions Asked by Birth Parent section carefully and download the forms or call us at 1-800-385-6301 so we can mail them to you.  We have caring counselors on call 24-hours per day to help you work through this decision.

We are committed to supporting you through your adoption process.  Please forward the following documents:

  1. A copy of both your driver’s license and birth certificate
  2. A current photo of yourself, your children and the birth father if possible
  3. Confirmation of your pregnancy with due date (or ultrasound)
  4. Medical records from your doctor, if possible
  5. Sign and date the medical information release
  6. Sign and complete the Birth Parent Questionnaire and other forms.