I’m Pregnant


Dear Mother,

At Family to Family Adoptions, we realize that a mother’s decision to place her child for adoption is one of love and compassion. We know how important it is to you to make sure that your child has everything he or she needs, and to make sure that they will grow up in a loving home where all of their needs will be met. Here at Family to Family Adoptions it is our goal to help you find the perfect family for your child, and to help you personally through this difficult and emotional journey. We want you to know that there are options for your unplanned pregnancy

We begin the adoption process for you and your baby by making sure that both of your medical, physical, and emotional needs are being met. We will help set you up with Medicaid to ensure that you and your baby are getting the proper health care you both need. In addition, we will be there with you throughout the entire process to support you emotionally. We want to ensure that you have the best adoption experience possible. If you require assistance, we will assist you with your maternity related needs such as housing, maternity clothes, groceries, etc.  

  • You choose the family that you want to be the parents of your child in an open, semi open, or closed adoption.
  • You get to meet the adoptive family you choose and develop a long lasting relationship with them if you would like to do so.
  • You choose if you want the adoptive family in the delivery room, to hold the baby first, etc.
  • We provide FREE housing for you, your children, and the birth father if he is involved.
  • Family to Family provides weekly allowances for food, clothing, and personal hygiene items during your pregnancy and for up to 6 weeks after placement.
  • You may use your own car, or our staff will transport you to and from services.
  • Assistance with medical insurance and pre and post natal medical services.
  • Individual counseling
  • Life-time aftercare services
  • Educational Assistance Program

We know how important it is for you to make sure that your child is going to a good family. We will ask you what you are looking for in an adoptive family. Then, we will give you profile books of our adoptive families who meet your criteria. Once you choose a family, you can meet them and get to know them personally in order to make sure that they are the right family for your baby. Once you choose to match with an adoptive family, they will also be there as part of your support system throughout the process. You and the adoptive family you choose will come to an agreement on how much future contact you will receive after the baby’s birth and placement with the family.

You can choose to allow your adoptive family to be present during your child’s birth if you would like. Once you sign over your parental rights 48 hours after your child’s birth, then your part of the adoption process is complete. Family to Family will provide counseling sessions for you if you need additional assistance during this difficult process. As a small personal agency, we hope that you will continue to keep in touch with us long after your baby’s adoption is complete.

In addition to our adoption services, Family to Family Adoptions also offers educational assistance to qualifying birth parents. It is our honor and goal to make this experience as easy for you as we possibly can. We understand that your sacrifice is a hard one, and we promise to guide and support you as much as we can throughout your adoption experience with us.

Thank you for your interest in our program,


The Family to Family Adoptions Staff

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