Creating Your Adoptive Family Profile

Once you have been approved as an adoptive family you will be asked to create a profile. This profile will be shown to potential birthmothers that match your criteria. Here are some tips and guidelines to follow while creating your profile.

  1. Create your profile on 8 ½ X 11 paper, standard size. It should be no more than 8 to 10 pages and needs to be bound. We recommend having at least the front and last page of the profile laminated for durability. Do not put the profile in a binder or book.
  2. The profile should include a Dear Birthmother Letter, which should be about one page in length.
  3. Your profile should tell a story about you. Include pictures of your family, home, friends, pets, travels, etc to show the type of family that your child will be raised in. The birthmother will look at these and picture her child in your family.
  4. Be sure to label your pictures. For example if you have a picture of you and your siblings then identify who is who in the picture.
  5. If you have the nursery done you can include a picture. Be sure to include pictures of your home and maybe some area parks and playgrounds. It is not important to include pictures of every room in your home.
  6. Be yourself. Every birthmother looks for something different in a family. It is impossible to know what a birthmother will like about a profile or not like. As long as the profile represents who you are as a family then that is best.
  7. Be elegant with color. The profile should have some color but should not be too bright or busy that it is taking away from the pictures and writing.
  8. Explain why you wish to adopt and what it means to your family. Birthmothers want to know why you desire to adopt a baby so be sure and include this piece of information.
  9. Include information about your relationship. This will show stability in your family.
  10. Be sure and include your hopes and dreams for this child. This will allow the birthmother to picture what her child’s life will be like if she chooses you as the adoptive parent.
  11. Remember that many birth mothers treasure these profiles and save them over a lifetime. The profile may be the only tangible reminder of the adoptive couple to whom she entrusted her child.
  12. Have someone else like a coworker or friend or relative look over the profile to see if they think of something about you that you should add or see any changes. Our agency is also happy to look over the profile if you would like.

Please contact us if you have any other additional questions about the profile or guidelines. Thank you and happy profiling!

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These tips and guidelines are authored by Family to Family Adoptions and are not the same for all adoption agencies. As an adoptive family signed on with our agency, our staff is more than happy to review your profile book and give you any feedback per your request.

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