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Family to Family prides itself on keeping you informed about your adoption decision.

From time to time, the staff at Family to Family will post articles with pertinent adoption information here on this page.

We hope you will explore our web site thoroughly. It’s designed to provide you with in-depth information, whether you are a birth mother, or prospective parent. And, when you’re ready, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you as you take a wonderful journey of love and life.



We hope you will find our articles interesting and helpful:

Choosing an Adoption Agency, some tips on what to look for when making your selection.

Grief and Loss in Open Adoption, understanding what to expect can be very helpful to you in what is often a very difficult and always an emotional situation.

Plastics in our Baby’s Environment, plastic products make our lives much easier and simpler, but there are important issues to consider about their use around infants.

Texas returns FLDS Children, some personal reflections on the case of the children who were removed from their parents care and subsequently returned.

Open Adoption Process, a short explanation of what the process of open adoption is like.

Toddler Self help Skills, as parents, we all can use more information to help us through different development phases that our children pass through on their way to responsible adulthood.

Toilet and Potty Training, a very important, and often trying, period for both children and parents.

Adopting an Older Child, older children bring special challenges to the new parents.

Creating Your Adoptive Family Profile, this is a very important document in your child’s life, and can also be very meaningful to the birth mother whose child you are caring for.

Unplanned Pregnancy, dealing with this unexpected event is a time when some of the most important decisions of your life will be made.

I need a home study , If you are planning to adopt a child, then one of the first things you will need to have completed is a home study. Whether you are doing a domestic, international, step-parent or second-parent adoption, a home study report is required. So you might ask, what is a home study?

Talking With Your Child About Adoption , Discussing the topic of adoption with your child upfront will give them the understanding that they need to know that being adopted or adopting a child is a wonderful and loving way of creating a family. It may be a different way of doing it but the outcome is the same.

Options Other Than Abortion When Faced with an Unplanned Pregnancy; Mothers with an unplanned pregnancy are faced with stress, grief, loss and possibly denial; they sometimes are not thinking clearly enough to determine what is their best option when it comes to continuing their pregnancy, parenting or placing the child for adoption.

Common Questions Regarding the Relinquishment Process:   The relinquishment process of an adoption raises lots of questions from both biological parents and adoptive parents. This article addresses some of those most common questions and concerns and explains more about this process.

 Lifebooks: How and Why?:  Creating a Lifebook for any adopted child is very important. This article addresses how and why to create one for your adopted child.




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