Children for Adoption

Women and men are placing their children for adoption in record numbers in the United States.  In 2005 it was estimated that around 13,000 children were voluntarily placed for adoption through agencies and attorneys in America.  In 2010 that estimate had increased to between 25,000 and 30,000 and these numbers are expected to grow.

The reasons are numerous and here are a few of them:

  • More and more women are choosing to carry their child to term rather than abort them because placing a child for adoption in the 21st Century carries very little or no stigma.
  • Women are choosing to place their child over abortion because of the moral and ethical issues surrounding the choice of abortion.
  • Open adoption is the norm in the United States in the 21st Century.  Few agencies allow for closed adoptions because of studies related to the emotional health and welfare of the birth family, the adoptee and the adoptive parents.  Most birth parents prefer an open or semi-open adoption when given the choice.


Family to Family primarily places newborns and we offer maternity related services and housing for those birth families that are choosing placement over abortion.  We believe that birth families choose to place a child out of love and we treat everyone with respect and admiration.

In addition, we place a few older children each year.  These are on a case by case basis when a birth family comes to us with issues that must be resolved by placing their children for adoption.  In this type of situation, if we can be of help, we will seek out adoptive families for these children.

As family structures change with the economic and social strains on the American family, Family to Family stands ready to help those families who are wanting to create their family through adoption by matching them with those families who choose to make an adoption plan for their child.