Thinking About Signing On With Family to Family?

If you are thinking about signing on as an adoptive family with our agency we have some good news. November is National Adoption Month so in honor of that if you sign on as a new adoptive family between now and November 30, 2010, you will receive a 10% discount on our agency fee. This is 10% off all three portions of the agency fee but does not include registration, ICPC, or birthmother living expenses.

To qualify for this offer we will need your home study, fee schedule, contract, letter of understanding, adoptive family worksheet, profiles and acceptance fee by November 30, 2010.  All of the agency paperwork (Adoptive Family Forms) with the exception of the fee schedule can be found on our website.  Have questions about this offer? Please contact Maxine Seiler at or at 281-342-4042. We look forward to helping you complete your family through adoption.

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