Steven and Drew, University Science teacher, Adult Psychologist

During their 14 years together, there have been two things that have never changed for Drew & Steven, their love for each other, and their desire to become parents. From very early on they knew that they wanted to be parents, and that their home wouldn’t be complete until it was filled with children.

Steven and Drew both grew up in small towns, and met in college at Texas A&M. They both have made careers out of their passion for helping youth and young adults. Steven teaches science at a local University, and Drew is a young adult psychologist.

They both come from close, loving families who cannot wait for a new addition to the family. Steven is a kind, loyal, loving person who has a passion for science and education. Drew is a loving and genuine person with a lot of creativity from knitting, to baking, to refinishing furniture. As a couple they know that the love they have for each other will only grow once they add a child to their family. Steven and Drew believe that parenting is a privilege and the greatest responsibility a person can have. They cannot wait start their family and to share their love with their child.

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