Tips for Soothing Your Fussy Baby

How do you help a fussy baby?Having a new baby in the home can be tiring and very overwhelming for any new parent. Many parents expecting a child will prepare themselves for being able to meet the needs of the baby once they are home from the hospital. Parents understand that babies cry but some do not realize that some babies will experience excessive crying during 8 to 12 weeks of life. Some babies will resist soothing, cry for more than 5 hours at a time, and will cry more in the evening. No one can be prepared for an overly fussy baby but here are some tips to help soothe your baby.

If your baby is crying, make sure you have met all of their needs first including feeding, burping, and changing your baby’s diaper.  If your baby is still crying try giving him/her a lukewarm bath, singing softly, or rocking. Sometimes white noise such as a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, or sound machine will be soothing for your baby or the hum and rocking of the car will help so go for a drive. Having a support system that can come over and take a turn with your baby will give you a break as well.

It is important to know that if you have tried every soothing technique that you can and you have met all of your babies needs that this does not mean you are not a good parent. It can be very frustrating as a parent if you are unable to soothe your baby. If your baby is crying and you find yourself becoming increasingly upset, place your baby in a safe place such as his/her crib or bassinet and take a break in another room of the home. Never, ever, ever shake your baby.

Babies who cry excessively, premature babies, and special needs children are more at risk for Shaken Baby Syndrome. Shaking your baby can cause brain damage, blindness, severe learning and behavioral problems, seizures, deafness, and possible death. For more information on Shaken Baby Syndrome and additional tips on soothing your baby, visit the Period of Purple crying website.

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