Open Adoptions Are Just So Normal

Hi Everyone, I received an update from one of our adoptive families who has a fully open adoption with their birth parents and their extended family and I have asked their permission to share it with you. This just proves that Open Adoption is Normal!!!
About 4 years ago, we helped a married couple in North Texas place their first born child. The couple wanted to place this child because the father did not want children. We placed the child with a childless couple from the Houston area. After placement, the birth mother’s parents found out that she and her husband had placed the child and were heartsick they would not be able to share in their granddaughter’s life, but fate was in their corner. The placement had been an open adoption and because of this, the adoptive parents were able to reach out to the birth grandparents in an open manner and thus began the saga of this wholly open and wonderful adoption. The adoptive mother recently sent me pictures of the baby and a quick update of their family. The following is word for word.
” I just wanted to update you and all the Family on how our very open adoption arrangement is working out. We really couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, and ‘Angel’ s'(name has been changed for privacy) birth family feels the same way. We continue to see ‘Lori’ (name has been changed for privacy), her sister and her parents every few months. Her mom and I have become very good friends. it’s weirdly amazing how similar we are. Her sister has a son close to Angel’s age and Angel just loves him, as well as the rest of the family. Lori became pregnant again last year, moved to Houston and divorced her husband. She chose to keep the baby, ‘Jenny’ (name changed for privacy), who was born December 20, 2007, and she is engaged to be married in May. Her fiance loves Jenny like his own and his parents are very attached as well. Angel knows Jenny is her sister and adores her, but she isn’t really old enough to ask “how can that be?”. That will come in time, I suppose! Lori’s parents kept Angel and her cousin last Saturday night and you’ve never seen such excited grandparents. They are just so thankful that we keep them in Angel’s life, but after meeting them, we wouldn’t think of doing it any other way.”
“It seems so normal to us since we don’t know any other way, but if I really stop and think about it, it probably sounds very unusual to most people. Angel’s family just keeps growing and growing and I feel she is lucky to have so many people who love her.”

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