International Home Study Services with Family to Family

Did you know that before we started our domestic adoption program, Family to Family Adoptions did international adoptions from countries such as Guatemala and Russia?  Even though we no longer provide placement services for international adoption, our agency still provides international home studies. Family to Family is a home study provider for agencies who place international children including All God’s Children International, European Adoption Consultants, and Wide Horizons for Children to name a few.  Agencies such as these help adoptive families with their paperwork and the referral and adoption of a child from various countries.  Our agency helps the adoptive family with the home study process required to adopt a child. We have completed home studies for Ethiopia, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and many others countries.

The home study process for an international adoption is similar to the domestic process but varies from country to country. Family to Family follows the guidelines provided by the international agency and provides a thorough home study report meeting all of the required standards of the placing agency and the desired country. As part of your home study process, Family to Family will also provide post placement visits and counseling for adoptive families if the country they adopt from requires this or if needed.  

If you reside in the Houston or surrounding areas and are in need of an international home study, contact your placing agency and ask if Family to Family is an approved home study provider for the country and the agency you have chosen. Then contact us and we will provide you with all of the information to get you started on your home study process. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to helping you complete your family through adoption.

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