Ian and Lisa, musical, outdoor, traveling family


Ian and Lisa are a fun, spirited couple. They have lived and traveled all over the world from England to Peru where they lived, worked, and made lifelong friends.

After they married they had Toby who is now seven and is learning Spanish. After trying to have a child for so long both before and after Toby’s birth, Ian and Lisa are excited to expand their family through adoption. Toby is a sweet child and has been longing for a little sister. He cannot wait to become an older brother.

They are an active, musical family and embark on many family adventures such as hiking, harvesting, camping, or simply cooking a healthy meal together. They look forward to getting to know their birth mother and exchanging letters and photos over the years.

They are excited to share the love and joy that they share with each other and Toby with their new adopted baby girl.

For more information on choosing Ian and Lisa as your adoptive family, please contact Eloisa at Eloisa@fam2fam.org, or at 281-342-4042.

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