Cord Blood Registry and Adoption

Family to Family and Cord Blood Registry (CBR) are working together to ensure that our clients understand the benefits of cord blood banking. More and more of our adoptive families are choosing to bank their baby’s cord blood for several reasons. Banking cord blood has many benefits and has been used to treat many diseases such as leukemia, sickle cell, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to name just a few. Please visit the CBR website for a list of diseases treated with stem cells at

Having peace of mind that these stem cells are available is one of the main reasons that adoptive families are making this important decision for their child’s future. Adoptive parents understand that if their child should need these stem cells it might not be possible to find their child’s biological family. Investing in this service gives them the assurance to know that they have done everything they could if their child should ever be in a situation where stem cells are needed.

More information about banking cord blood is available to all of our adoptive families and any assistance needed to help complete this process. We feel that it is important to give all of our families this option as part of their adoption plan. A complete list of our agencies partners is available on our website.

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