Arnie and Jeana, an Adventurous Couple Waiting to Adopt

Arnie and Jeana began their adventure together in 2003 when they connected over a shared love of nature and the outdoors. Since that first date Arnie and Jeana have shared many adventures exploring the world around them. Some of their favorite adventures are trips around the US visiting their family in New York, Florida, Connecticut, New England, and Missouri. Arnie is described as having a good sense of humor, adventurous, easy going, an animal lover, and a kid at heart. Growing up he served in the Army and now works as a Network Engineer. Jeana is described as friendly, caring, patient, spiritual, inquisitive, organized, and athletic. She attended Madison University and now works as a Teacher and a School Psychologist. Arnie and Jeana have always considered adoption and have finally decided that they are ready to welcome a baby into their home. They and their families are excited about having a new addition to the family and cannot wait to start their next adventure as a family.

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