A Father’s Role

Braden and Gavin Coleman-Taylor 1The role of a father is somewhat diminished at times. A lot of focus is put on the mothers in our lives. After all, the mother is considered the traditional caretaker of the family. She is “the one who raises the children.” But what about the fathers? We are seeing many fathers with very strong roles in their children’s lives. We have seen gay male households, single father households, stay at home dads, and fathers who simply do a lot for their children. We see more fathers helping out with all aspects of their children’s lives, and it has been a beautiful site to see!

With so many amazing fathers out there, this Father’s Day will definitely be a day to celebrate. Just as mothers can do anything that fathers can do; we know that fathers can also do anything that a mother can do. It just takes time, devotion, and love.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful fathers! Whether you are a biological, adoptive, or foster father; thank you for your time, devotion, and love. Thank you for teaching us how to ride a bike, for changing our diapers, and for giving us bear hugs when we cry. The world is a better place with all of you in it!

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