I Wished For You, an Adoption Story

image2A few weeks ago I went to Barnes and Noble with some of my friends (yes, we are nerdy!) While I was there I decided to look at some children’s adoption books so that I would be able to recommend some of them to our adoptive families. Little did I know that I would soon find myself crying in the middle of the book store! I had stumbled upon a story that so closely mirrored the story that we told to my brother when we explained his adoption, that it brought back a flood of memories. Of course I had to buy it! I took it home with me and read it to my parents, and my now 15 year old brother,  the next day! It of course brought us all to tears. I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond is a story about a mama bear and her adopted son, Barley. Barley has a lot of questions about his adoption and asks his mama to tell him the story about how he was her wish come true.


Mama bear explains to Barley about how she had wished that she would one day be a mama to a special child, and how one day her wish finally came true. Mama explains how the mama that grew Barley in her belly decided that she could not be the very best mama that she wanted to be, and that she made a different wish to find the perfect family for Barley. Barley’s story is a sweet and easy to understand story that I would highly recommend to any adoptive family! I wish we would have found this book sooner, but we still enjoyed sharing it as a family and reminding my brother once again how he truly is our wish come true.

– Raquel Olguin

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