Tamasin and Norma

Tamasin and NormaTamasin and Norma are an active and kind-hearted couple. They met at a rock climbing gym and have been together for seven years. They had their commitment ceremony in 2010 and officially married last year.

They are active in the community and often participate in charity runs such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the SPCA Fun Run. Norma manages a landscaping company and Tamasin teaches high school.

They value nature and enjoy taking care of it at home and at work. They also value education. Tamasin enjoys helping her students reach their goals. They often spend time with their nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. They love having their family over for the holidays and taking them on family outings to the park or the local pool. The children in their family cannot wait to have a new family member to play with.

Tamasin and Norma have been trying to grow their family for the past couple of years and cannot wait to share their love and lives with their future child.

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