Michael, Kristin, and Decker

SchoetzMichael, Kristin, and Decker are a small, close knit family with a lot of love to give. They adopted their son Decker in 2014 and describe him as sweet, funny, energetic, and independent. They cannot wait to add another little blessing to their family and are certain that Decker will make a wonderful big brother. Michael and Kristin have a strong marriage. Michael loves Kristin’s dedication, style, and the fact that she is a great cook. Kristin loves Michael’s commitment to their family, his passion, and his charisma. They have a great relationship with Decker’s birth mother and believe that adoption makes their child even more special. They promise to always tell their children about their birth parents and how they are deeply loved by both their biological and adoptive families. Michael and Kristin promise to offer your child every opportunity possible, to support their dreams, to be excellent role models, and to remind them each day that they are loved.


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