Is Adoption Right For You?

Discover the Benefits of Adoption and how you can provide your child with the American Dream and fulfill your goals too.  To help you learn more about the benefits of adoption we will send you our Unplanned Pregnancy packet.  You are under no obligation and you will learn the answers to your many questions, solutions to your unplanned pregnancy, information about financial assistance during this traumatic time in your life and give you access to our caring counselors.

 You choose the family as parents for your child from our waiting families who have been thoroughly screened for criminal and child abuse history and who have been recommended for adoption by a social worker.

We help you with the process of placing your child for adoption when you are sure that adoption is the right choice for you and your child.  We offer free birth mother services with independent housing while pregnant if needed.  In addition, we offer life time counseling and support after placement and help to find good pre-natal care during this unplanned pregnancy.

 We believe that placing your child for adoption when you are not able to provide for him is a heroic act of selflessness.  We understand how courageous you are for making an adoption plan for an unplanned pregnancy and respect your rights as a parent.  Call 1-800-385-6301 and let us help you today.

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