Charli’s Super Big Family Tree: A children’s book on open adoptions by Toni Serena

Charli BookMost adoptive families worry about the prospect of an open adoption. They wonder how they will explain the birth family to their child, if the birth family will take over their roles as parents, etc. Adoptive mother Toni Serena was no exception to this.

In her children’s book Charli’s Super Big Family Tree, she writes an open adoption story that explains what an open adoption means. In the book Charli’s brother tells her that she did not grow in her mommy’s tummy. Charli always knew that she was adopted but she didn’t really know what that meant. She begins to wonder about all of the different places she could have come from if she didn’t grow inside of her mommy’s tummy.

Eventually her mother sits her down and shows her a picture of Charli’s friend Gabby. Her mom explains to Charli that she grew in Gabby’s tummy. Charli’s mom reads a letter that Gabby wrote to Charli and explains how Gabby chose them to be her family. Charli’s Super Big Family Tree is a heart-warming story that does a phenomenal job with teaching an adoptive child all about their “super big family” full of both birth family and adoptive family members.

At the end of the book author Toni Serena includes her own child, Charlotte’s, adoption story which explains how their adoption slowly became open. This is a great book that teaches both children and adults a little more about an open adoption, including the author’s own personal experiences.

Toni Serena writes this about her own family’s open adoption experience, “This family, our family, is Charlotte’s norm. It’s natural. It’s all she has ever known. Open adoption is a gift to an adopted child. It provides self-confidence, connection, and the opportunity to love and be loved by many.”

Charli’s Super Big Family Tree can be purchased online at  Barnes and Noble, , Amazon. or BrothersNBooks.

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