Barbara and Jennifer, Fun and Loving Family

BarbnJenBarbara and Jennifer married in 2013. They have always wanted children but are unable to have them on their own. Since their fairytale wedding in Mexico, Barbara and Jennifer’s lives have been filled with love, adventures, and joy that they cannot wait to share with their future child.

When they are not working, Barbara and Jennifer love to spend time with their nieces, play with their two adorable dogs, or travel the world creating new memories. They have a large and supportive family who they love to be around, and their family cannot wait for them to become parents.

They love water and animals and are always up for a canoeing on the lake or flying through the snow on a dog sled. They both would like to ensure their child’s birth mother that they will provide their future child with a wonderful home, childhood, family, and future. They promise to meet their child’s every need and to provide a lifetime of care and love.

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