2014 Calendar Fundraiser

May - Elias

Dear Family to Family Supporters,

The staff at Family to Family works hard to create new families and relationships through adoption and foster care placements. However, what you may not know is that the agency also does so much more.

The birth parents are the reason that the agency has been able to be so successful with adoption placements. Therefore their safety, respect, and needs are always considered priorities here at Family to Family. Even after our birth parents have placed a child up for adoption, they are still considered our clients and friends. Many of them keep and touch with the agency staff members throughout the years which everyone loves. Our birth parents become cherished members of Family to Family.

In order to help give back to them, the agency has set up an educational fund. Any birthparent (including birth parents from other agencies) can receive educational grants through Family to Family. They simply have to submit an essay, pass a drug test and background check, prove that they have placed a child up for adoption, and be prepared to begin the course as soon as it is available. If these requirements are met then a birth parent may apply for a new grant each semester as long as they can show that they have passed and completed the courses from the previous semester.

Another way in which the agency gives back to our birth parents is by providing Christmas for them and their children. Every year for Christmas Family to Family buys gifts for the birth parents and their children. The birth mothers are usually given a gift as well as a gift card to help them purchase a Christmas dinner and/or additional gifts for their children. The children are given multiple gifts which often include a jacket, pajamas, and age appropriate toys.

In addition to our birth parents, our adoptive families are also considered priorities for the agency. The Family to Family staff knows that adopting a child is a very emotional and exciting time for our adoptive families. We believe that every loving and capable person should be able to adopt the child of their dreams.

In support of our adoptive parents, Family to Family Adoptions created the Family Dreams Fund which the agency uses to assist families who cannot afford the full costs of a private adoption. As long as the adoptive parents make a combined annual income of 75,000 or less, then they may receive financial assistance with their adoption costs.



In order for the agency to be able to continue to help send birth parents to school, to help adoptive families pay for an adoption, and to provide Christmas for our birth parents and their children; we need your help. Please consider helping us make a difference in the lives of others.

Our calendars are on sale now! Each calendar features new pictures of the children that have been adopted through our agency over the years and is a great way to show your support. If you purchase 1-4 calendars they are $15 each, if you purchase 5-9 calendars they are $12 each, and if you purchase 10 or more calendars they are $10 each.


To purchase a calendar please contact Debbie by email at deb@fam2fam.org or by phone at (281)342-4042 You can also download a Calendar Order Form to complete and send in to us, if that is more convenient.

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