Our History and Adoption Statistics

Our Founder

Maxine Seiler was the Executive Director and Founder of Family to Family Adoptions. Inc.

A Note From Maxine: By founding Family to Family I wanted to broaden access to adoption to more families through a cost effective program based on good social work values of tolerance, understanding and inclusiveness. Second, Family to Family has created a birth mother program that truly helps those birth mothers that want to help themselves through educational opportunities or vocational training. At Family to Family our client is truly the unborn baby. We insure his best interest by helping young women make the right decision for themselves and their child as well as providing support, information, guidance and professionalism to our adoptive parents. I have two adopted grandchildren and am grateful for the choice their birth mother’s made for them and for us as a family. 

Who We Are

Fam2Fam is a 501C 3 non-profit licensed agency and was founded by experienced professionals in the child advocacy field. We were licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a child-placing agency on February 14, 2001.

We were founded on February 14, 2001 as an international agency and began our domestic programs on August 2, 2001. Our first placement of a domestic infant was January 2002. That year we placed 33 children, 20 of whom were domestic.  In 2003, our second full year of our domestic program, we placed 63 children, 57 of whom were domestic. We discontinued our international programs in August 2003 and now we work only with domestic adoption.  From the inception of our domestic program in January 2002 through December 31, 2013, Family to Family has placed 367 newborns, toddlers and children.

Domestic Adoption Totals from 1/2002 through 9/2014

  • 40% Caucasian
  • 16% Hispanic
  • 17% Caucasian/Hispanic
  • 11% Caucasian/African-American
  • 9% African-American
  • 1% Native American
  • 1% Caucasian/Asian
  • 4% Hispanic/African-American
  • 367 Total Children

‘The Wait’ is the hardest part of the adoption process for most people. After waiting so long for other processes to be complete like infertility treatment, the home study process, choosing an adoption agency, or preparing your profile, the wait for match after the contract date is almost more than the average person can handle. At Family to Family, our mean average from contract date to match is 207 days and from contract date to placement is 252 days.

In 2013, Family to Family did 28 domestic placements.