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Our Commitment to You

From the Director of Family to Family

I founded Family to Family Adoptions, Inc in February 2001 with a multilevel mission. As a clinical social worker, I know that all members of the adoption triad must be treated with dignity and respect to ensure that the outcome of our work is truly in the best interest of the adopted child.

Through years of working with infertile couples, I realized that there must be a alternative way of doing this work and ensuring that all parties were treated in an open and respectful manner. My intention in founding Family to Family was to broaden access to adoption to those persons who qualified and not base their acceptance into our program on arbitrary criteria.

In addition to broadening access for adoptive families, I wanted to work with those families who, for one reason or another, make an adoption plan in the best interest of their child. I understood the parable “if you give a man a fish, he eats for today, if you teach him to fish, he eats forever”. I was anxious to see if our agency could truly make a difference in the lives of people who face the heroic and agonizing decision to place their child for adoption.

I want to invite you to read these Testimonials by former adoptive families and former birth parents. These stories depicted by these testimonials are the product of our ability to do individual adoptions and treat each member of the adoption triad with the dignity and respect they all deserve. Adoption is difficult for birth parents and equally difficult for adoptive families. These stories are a testament that with the help of Family to Family you can make your individualize adoption plan and realize your dream for your child.

We welcome you as partners in adoption.

Maxine L. Seiler, LCSW

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